Our Disaster Facility and Methods

Many current methods provided by general disaster clean up companies or repair services may return a working electronic device to you, but if not done correctly it will often fail within a short period of time.  You've already faced a loss, so don't settle for a solution that is likely only temporary! 

Why are there so many problems? 
Just quickly drying out electronics, airing out smoke residue or using ozone machines does not prevent oxidation of components, connectors and solder connections. In fact, ozone machines speed up oxidation! Oxidation is the electrical equivalent of ROT. When not treated appropriately, your electronic device will often continue to deteriorate - even when it seems to be working now!

Whether it's a single cell phone, personal music player, gaming device or an entire room of damaged computer equipment, Connect 4 Solutions, LLC prides itself in having the right combination of knowledge, methods and equipment to offer the best chance at avoiding long term damage and / or recovering your data.

Here are just a few things that we offer that few others can match:

  • Oxygen Free, Negative Pressure and Humidity Absorbing Chambers for safe handling of damaged items.
  • Proprietary chemical formula's that effectively deep clean your devices yet are safe for your equipment to prevent or reverse oxidation.
  • The tools and skill required to repair or replace failed components.

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